Wine Education, Appreciation and Tasting workshops are designed by our Chief Trainer Gaurav Thapar to make the wine knowledge much more exciting and accessible to all the enthusiasts. These workshops are certified by Karnataka Wine board, Govt. of Karnataka Undertaking. First of its kind indigenous to India, perfected and taught to over 3000+ wine enthusiasts; this course has and will help those seeking the truth about the knowledge and skill required to handle the fluid poetry of wine in its most simple and easy to understand fashion. The WEAT workshops have been divided into three major levels, namely; Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. This ideal blend of art, science, and passion has been priced reasonably to accommodate all wine enthusiasts interested.

Wine Education, Appreciation and Tasting Basic

Whether you are just a wine enthusiast or a wine professional, this program fits for both to improve your wine knowledge. A great program to start your wine journey and to become a wine pro.

This 4-hour workshop will familiarize you with wine basics regarding the different styles of wine, the art of wine tasting, wine varietals and the concept of ‘terroir’. With around 10 different guided wine tastings and a certificate awarded by the Karnataka Wine Board, this workshop is the best bet for a novice to start wine journey.


Here`s What You Will Learn

Introduction to Wine

Types and Styles of Wines

Art of Wine Tasting

Major Wine Varietals and Regions


Terms & Conditions

  • WEAT Basic is a certified workshop recognized by Karnataka Wine Board.
  • Fee includes the half day (approximately 4 hours) presentation/class by Enoteca`s wine educator, wines for tastings and one-time tea and refreshments.
  • Wines will be allowed to taste only to those candidates who are above the legal age of drinking.
  • Workshop registration is nontransferable and nonrefundable.
  • No prior knowledge of wine is required to attend this workshop.
  • The language of instruction is English.
  • Enoteca by Madhuloka reserves all the rights to alter the terms and conditions without any prior notice.






Wine Education, Appreciation and Tasting (Intermediate)


With an exam involved to be eligible for the certificate, this comprehensive full day (8-hour) course is for the folks who take their wine training bit seriously. 

This workshop is a combination of philosophy, science, and art behind wines and has in-depth knowledge involving every aspect of production, tastings, varietals, regions, service, storage, and food pairing.

Detailed guided tastings of up to 15 different wines in a day and paying attention to the presentation at the same time sounds bit heavy; nevertheless, fun-filled sensory exercises, tastings, and discussions will not let you realize the time flying by. It would be a day worth spending.

Join this workshop to puzzle out or shatter all your basic mysteries and myths related to wines


Here`s What You Will Learn - By the time you have completed this program you will 

  • Have a better understanding about Alcohol and Health
  • Keep up with the history & evolution of wine.
  • Display an understanding of different grape varietals and wine regions.
  • Comprehend and apply Sensory Evaluation of wines.
  • Have an insight about Viticulture
  • Draw an in-depth sight about Vinification 
  • Familiarize on storage of wines and wine service.
  • Be able to pair your favourite wines with food


The Assessment:

An assessment consisting of 50 multiple choice questions will be given to test your knowledge & understanding about wines.  It will be a closed book examination & the exam duration is of 50 minutes. You will need to answer at least 25 questions correctly to pass & obtain WEAT intermediate certificate.

Upon successful completion you will receive either a WEAT Completion or WEAT Excellence certificate. 

Candidates scoring 50% or above will be awarded WEAT Completion Certificate and candidates scoring 80% and above will be awarded WEAT Excellence Certificate.


Course Fee: INR 3900 Per Person (All inclusive)

Course Fee includes a one day (approximately 8 hours) presentation/class by our certified educator, study material, wine tasting, lunch and refreshments, exam and certificate fee.


Terms & Conditions:

  • WEAT is a certified course from Enoteca by Madhuloka and recognized by Karnataka Wine Board
  • The candidate has to appear for the exam within a week from the date of the course attended.
  • If candidate is unable to obtain the passing marks or appear in the exam, he/she may reappear in the future, by discussing the date with Enoteca by Madhuloka management, and after paying the examination fee i.e. 500/-
  • A candidate can reappear maximum one time only for the exam.
  • Wines will be allowed to taste only to those candidates who are above the legal age of drinking.
  • The language of instruction is English.
  • Study material for the examination will be provided on the day of the course.
  • Enoteca by Madhuloka reserves all the rights to alter the terms and conditions without any prior notice.

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